The Paideia Fellowship is a Christian classical homeschool community that, as fully as possible, restfully seeks the good, the true, and the beautiful through the great works of literature, through language, great works of art, through an experience with the created world, and provides meaningful opportunities to live out worship and virtuous action in community.

The Paideia Fellowship exists to assist classical homeschooling families in providing a traditional classical liberal arts education for their children. While we do offer classes for 1st – 12th graders our primary focus is meeting the needs of Christian classical 5th -12th-grade students and their families.

The Paideia Fellowship Homeschool Community is a Good/Great Books style humanities program, which means the ideas and the literature lead. Practically this means that more time will be spent on the literature and in coaching writing and reading skills. History will be present for sure, but it will inform the literature and there may be shorter discussions or class time devoted specifically to the history topics. Whenever possible mentors and students will seek to see the common thread of ideas woven through both the history and the literature and respond to these ideas with writing, discussion, and other projects or activities. Read through our FAQ page for more about our community.

Our academic offerings focus on the integrated humane letters (history, literature, and writing) and the fine arts (theater, Shakespeare, and art/nature study). See an Overview of our Curriculum or learn about a specific class: 1st-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grade, 5th-6th Grade, 7th-8th Grade, 9th-12th Grade.

The Paideia Fellowship Homeschool Community is also a participating Schole Group for the 2016-2017 academic year. Schole Groups are a division of Classical Academic Press, through which they provide support, resources, teacher training, and an enlarged community of educators and homeschool families who are pursuing the liberal arts and restful learning in a community setting. Learn more about Schole Groups.

Where We Meet

Mountain View Gilead ARP Church 15303 Beatties Ford Road Huntersville, NC 28078


Interested in learning more about PFHC? Please Contact us at paideiafellowship@gmail.com to schedule a visit.

We have a few informational meetings coming up!

Thursday, January 26th 7:00pm Thursday, February 23rd 7:00pm Thursday, March 9th 7:00pm

All at Gilead ARP Church in Huntersville.

Please RSVP to paideiafellowship@gmail.com

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